Welcome to our world of data science, systematic investing, quantamental research, and global macro! We are two friends who share a deep passion for these topics and have come together to create this site. Our mission is simple: to share our insights with you and help people better understand the power of rule-based or systematic investing.

At our core, we are builders and modelers. We love nothing more than developing and testing strategies using Python and exploring the ever-changing global macro landscape. Our goal is to make complex ideas and concepts more accessible to investors. We believe that systematic investing should not be the exclusive domain of elite hedge fund investors.

So come along for the ride. Let us take you on a journey through the world of systematic models and quantitative tools. We promise you won't regret it!

Thomas Dierckx, phd

Thomas recently completed his PhD in Statistics at KU Leuven. He worked closely with industry and developed machine learning applications for a variety of real business use cases. His research was focused on alternative data, derivatives risk modelling, and systematic trading strategies.

Thomas also holds a Master's degree in Engineering Science with a focus on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He is passionate about algorithmic trading and now works as a quantitative researcher at a leading crypto market making firm.

Hans Heytens

Hans has worked in the financial industry for many years. Starting out as as a junior interest rate derivatives trader, Hans has since worked as an Equity Analyst, Investment Manager, Head of Research and Head of Macro.

Hans holds a Master's degree in Business Science, specializing in Finance and Portfolio Management. His passion for systematic investing led him on a quest through several professional track degrees in Data Science, Python Programming and quantitative analysis.

Outside of work, Hans likes: travelling, CrossFit, outdoors hiking, spending quality time with his family and playing Fortnite with his son.